Dining with Art and Soul

Image: Apartment Therapy

If you are lucky enough to have a separate dining room or you just have space for a table incorporated into another room then the same interior rules apply. This is the space to be dramatic, glamorous and create a little magic more than any other space in your home. This can be easily done simply with clever use of colour and art.  Create a statement gallery wall, be dramatic and show one large piece of art like the image above, or be eclectic and group a selection of your favourite things that you can change around easily if you get bored.

Here are a few different styles  to get you inspired.

Salon Style. This dining area doubles up as a formal dining space and family area.  Dramatic dark walls are the perfect background to display art work in the gallery or salon style.  Crisp white frames, perfectly spaced showcasing black and white family photos reminding us of happy times and the ones we love.  Easy to re-create and can be done inexpensively if you are watching the pennies!

Image: Dwell Magazine

Collected.   Display your collection in an interesting way.  Whether its china, baskets or vintage bathing suits – get it out and on display.  Enjoy it!

Image: Design Sponge
Image: Apartment Therapy


Image: Desire to Inspire

My Space.  My dining room has one large dramatic wall painted in Pelt by Farrow and Ball and showcases one of my favourite paintings ‘Winter Garden’ by the artist Maggie Savage. A really versatile room and my favourite in the whole house.

Image:  Tracey Johnston



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